Through their sustainability efforts, fruit and vegetable producers and their VBT cooperatives make an important contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Innovation and development are necessary for meeting the challenges of sustainable development. The POs are constantly investing, collectively and individually, in research and development. The POs are represented and actively involved in specialised research institutions and recognized research centres.

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Climate change has made itself felt in recent years, including periods of abundant precipitation as well as of drought. Fruit and vegetables cannot be produced without water. Both the POs and producers are committed to water-saving measures.

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Various activities by the POs and producers require energy. At producer level, energy consumption is strongly crop-related. Various options are researched and used for limiting energy consumption. The use of renewable sources of energy is required.

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All stakeholders must make a contribution to achieving climate objectives. In addition to activities related to the other Sustainable Development Goals the POs and their producers apply sustainable alternatives for logistics and mobility.

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The POs and their producers make an individual and a collective contribution to maintaining biodiversity. The soil is needed for the production of certain fruit and vegetables. Producers act responsibly with the soil as means of production. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has been the standard for many years when producing fruit and vegetables.

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